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1) Herman Tannenbaum 
Langhorne, PA Location
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2018-4-30 18:19 Host: Write a comment

I am proud and excited to announce that The Troop 95/SGF Alumni Group is almost complete with the refurbishment of Cabins C&D on Indian Ridge. We have begun the same process on Cabins A&B. The intention is to add additional bunkhouse space as well as establishing an SGF & Troop 95 exhibition and museum. In that persuit, I am asking that if you have any memorabilia to contribute, please contact me directly at :
“Making it Better”
Uncle Herman Tannenbaum

Spencer Glass 2018-5-4 23:49
As President of the SGFVC Foundation I am in possession of an SGF "encyclopedia of pics and memorabilia. I was given them years ago By Dr. "forgetting his name". I think my group of guys would agree that putting them in your museum to be would be better then my basement!
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