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1) Spencer Glass 
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2017-7-25 10:54 Host: Write a comment

So, our 10th year SGF Overnighter is in the history books. Here is one parent's reaction.

Dear Spencer and the SGF Staff,

I want to give everyone a round of applause for another amazing SGF weekend. This was my son's 3rd year of participation in this event. Every year when he goes to camp he can't wait to get the information for the SGF Weekend. As soon as he gets it he asks can he please go. Without a doubt in my mind I say "YES".

Once he turns in the papers, then the countdown begins. Once the SGF weekend is here he can hardly hold back his excitement. I always ask him, "Well, what makes it so much fun?" He says, "Everything!", but mentions things like bon fires, carnival, midnight ice cream, swimming and lots of other things. It sounds like a fun weekend..always things to do, always on the run.

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