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1) Herman Tannenbaum 
Langhorne, PA Location
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Hey Campers,
School is almost out , and all I can think about is going away to my favorite camp in the world, SGF!!!! The anticipation is too exciting to contain. I've been dreaming about this all of the school year , and daydreaming thought algebra class. This year will be the TENTH encampment since SGF reincarnated. This years dates are JULY 21-23 at Briarwood Day Camp in Buckingham, PA. Camp is about five weeks away and I'm sitting here sewing my name tags into my socks and underwear . I've got my flashlight, longs and longs, , bathing suit, and most importantly, my baseball glove and cap!I simply can't wait. Oh, the memories of it all. From getting on the train at Old Reading Terminal, transferring onto the camp bus in Norristown, or Giimbels Cheltenham, only to be whiisked away to a magical place and time.Thats SGF..........
Lets all show up at this years encampment to cheer the boys on during color war, or watch the firefight at Indian Ceremonial. Then go over to the lake for the Firefly Ceremony beconing us all back next year to another "Trip" at SGF. If you can't make it, perhaps you can support a boy by making a donation to the cause. Feel free to sponsor a boy($100.00) and mail a check to:
Spencer Glass
311 Parkview Way
Newtown, PA, 18940
See you under The Knothole in The Mess Hall.
Making it Better, Cheering for our camp ,
Uncle Herman
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