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So it's been about a week since the Firefly Ceremony at the SGF Overnighter. Each Overnighter seems to take on its own theme. This year's theme seemed to be about making everyone feel special.

I spoke about making the kids feel special on Friday night with the counselors. That they did! It was my privilege to watch them interact with the kids, work so hard, giving each boy memories to hold onto for a lifetime.

It is my privilege to work with my new brothers of SGF who meet throughout the year to make it better. We're all in are 50's or 60's now, yet I think we would all agree we get a chance at some point during that weekend to feel 11 or 12. I know I got that feeling playing water polo on Saturday. My arms are still sore as hell!

It made me feel special to see my nephew Sammy, at only 8 years old fitting in with everyone, and not having a homesick minute at all...and winning the Best Bunky award for Bunk Apache. End of Part 1
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