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54) Dr Jon Dubin 
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2017-4-9 04:09 Host:

My father, dr Louis Dubin, was an original Troop 95 member, SGF camp counselor and then member of the board. As a child growing up in Philly than the suburbs of Philly I spent countless hours at the camp in Collegeville, both off season and when in session at Board functions, social get together and the annual turkey dinner. Members of the board were household names and I have many wonderful memories of these men. So many with colorful, impressive personalities. I've often wondered what became of the original camp do imprinted in my memory and a sister camp (?) owned and fun by Val Udell, camp Maribel. I came across this site and wanted to see who still shares these remarkable memories I still hold and what incarnation SGF has become.

Jon Dubin
Camp Hill, Pa

Spencer Glass 2017-4-12 19:56
Dear Jon...glad you found us. The SGF camp in Collegeville, in part due to our group, Troop 95 and other Montgomery County residents has been designated as Open Space and can not be developed. The Ridge part, that is. The Hill area is not developed, but the old cabins there are all but dilapidated.

Many of the Ridge cabins are still there in body. Troop 95 led by Herman Tannenbaum and many others have rescued and rebuilt one of the cabins and use it for their own campouts. Lake Lou is dried up, but the troop 95 guys resotred the old pool which looks very nice.

There are still a lot of memorable remnants on the land, and we go up there once a year to walk the grounds and reminisce.

The SGFVC is currently planning our 10th overnighter. It is a 3 weeks in 3 days event that incorporates so much of the SGF spirit into the activities. We do this at another camp in Bucks County, Briarwood Day Camp. It has all the looks and feels of SGF, We treat city boys to a weekend of great fun and great memories.

Thanks for checking in.


Herman Tannenbaum 2017-5-1 18:24
Hi Jon, Great to see you found us! I certainly do remember you, and your entire family. Your dad was my dentist for most of my life. I remember him fondly. Lou Dubin was my father, Marty's patrol leader in Troop 95 and they were great friends throughout their lives. They both loved the Troop, the Camp, and the SGF Club.Its good to see another Doc Dubin in our group.
I lead the Troop 95 Alumni Campgroup and we still camp at SGF every other month from September through May. You are always invited to join us for the weekend, a day or just a cup of coffee.We've refurbished the cabin and we have heat, hot water, an modern camp kitchen, bunks for 12, flush toilets,etc. Feel free to contact me for our calendar.

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