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32) Stuart Greenberg 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina Location
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2017-3-31 21:41 Host: Write a comment

I cannot I found this website. First hello to Dr. Newberg (my Pediatrician) I hope you are the same person. (You went to school with my mother...Ethel Waldman)
I was a camper 1972, 1973, and 1974. I remember these summers just like they were yesterday. I had the pleasure of working with Steve Funt at Holland Day Camp during the summers of 1983 and 1984.
31) Aaron Newberg,M.D. 
Huntingdon Valley,PA Location
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2017-3-5 21:23 Host: Write a comment

(31) Sad news,Mel Drukin died today(March 5th).
Below is an email from his wife,Marilyn.
Aaron N.Newberg,M.D.

Again, I apologize for a mass email, but it is the most efficient and fastest way to contact all of you. Mel died this morning, peacefully in his sleep. It has been a long, long haul, but we made it to Hawaii, just returning last week. His funeral is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 at Congregation Beth Israel, 542 South New Middletown Road, Media. He will be buried at Har Jehudah in Lansdowne and we'll return to our home following the burial. We'll be sitting shiva until Wed. Night. Thank you all for being you and for being our dear friends.

Sent from Marilyn's iPad
30) Uncle Barry Brait 
Philadelphia, Pa Location
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2017-2-13 05:57 Host: Write a comment

SGF Is one of the proudest times in my lifetime. So many people. So many friends for life. So many good times. Time there will be treasured by me and those with whom I shared.
29) Mark Blass 
Philadelphia, PA Location
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2017-2-3 13:12 Host: Write a comment

Hi Boys,

Thanks to Alan Saionz for alerting me that the Guestbook had been hacked—a few non-offensive messages were posted.

They're now gone. If you notice any more, please send me an email and I'll delete them.
28) Art Scherr 
Newtown Square, PA Location
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2017-1-7 22:37 Host: Write a comment

Had the pleasure today of running into Uncle O'Neal and former camper, Al Lazarow, in Ft. Lauderdale. Always nice to see former SGF'ers.
27) Lee Kaminsky 
Springfield, Delco Location
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2016-12-20 17:50 Host: Write a comment

Want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Hanukkah. Hope we have another reunion. Going to camp as a youngster was the best years. Making new friends at the time and staying in touch over the years.

26) Lee Cohen 
Voorhees NJ Location
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2016-9-6 22:52 Host: Write a comment

So many memories of this camp. Was a wonderful part of my childhood. Then Camp Council went Coed! I was a 12 year old boy and couldn't have been more excited to hang out with girls. SGF memories include Counselor Harvey Litt (i found him on FB) Tom McCan and Murray Green (oh the stories). Playing bottle caps on bunk floor, eating in the mess hall (yelling we want the cook "dead". I would love to stay in touch and hear more about the camp. Thank you
25) Pam Goldenberg 
Philadelphia Location
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2016-8-6 10:48 Host: Write a comment

My first time as the camp nurse for one day. I have to say I was so impressed with the kids and the adults - what an awesome experience for so many young men. I know many of the boys as they are students at my school - it was great to see them in a different type of experience - having fun, growing up, and bonding with each other in a way that builds their character - I may have only seen the activities for one day - but it was very apparent how much this experience meant to everyone - thanks for having me - Nurse Goldenberg :)

Spencer Glass 2016-8-8 11:38
Dear Pam. Thank you so much for your service. It was so nice having you there!!! See ya in September

scott kleiman 2016-10-3 20:52
Thanks Pam - Great having you with us. smile
24) Scott Kleiman 
Pluto Location
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2016-8-5 21:52 Host: Write a comment

Hi Everyone! What an amazing weekend we had with the kids. I think we had 54 kids and they all left with a smile.

I also have to compliment the staff. I won't list all of your names as you know who you are - outstanding work - made me smile.

We hope to have pictures up soon.

Cheer for our camp boys!
23) Spencer Glass 
Newtown, PA Location
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2016-7-30 19:26 Host: Write a comment


When the owner of Briarwood saw the list of "his" counselors and junior counselors participating in SGF he was astounded. He called it the Dream Team. I felt so honored that they feel drawn in by the SGF spirit too.

I told a story about a boy, Bob Snyderman, who was made to feel special as the boy who was invited to go up in an airplane and throw candy down on SGF way back. He told me he told his mom how special he felt doing that! I felt special telling the story.

Thanks to all of you who made this happen. You are all special people. I love you all.

22) Spencer Glass 
Newtown PA Location
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2016-7-30 19:23 Host: Write a comment

So it's been about a week since the Firefly Ceremony at the SGF Overnighter. Each Overnighter seems to take on its own theme. This year's theme seemed to be about making everyone feel special.

I spoke about making the kids feel special on Friday night with the counselors. That they did! It was my privilege to watch them interact with the kids, work so hard, giving each boy memories to hold onto for a lifetime.

It is my privilege to work with my new brothers of SGF who meet throughout the year to make it better. We're all in are 50's or 60's now, yet I think we would all agree we get a chance at some point during that weekend to feel 11 or 12. I know I got that feeling playing water polo on Saturday. My arms are still sore as hell!

It made me feel special to see my nephew Sammy, at only 8 years old fitting in with everyone, and not having a homesick minute at all...and winning the Best Bunky award for Bunk Apache. End of Part 1
21) Lee Kaminsky 
Springfield, Pa Location
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2016-7-26 18:44 Host: Write a comment

Sorry but I haven't been on here in a while. I know you guys had the summer camp again and i'm sure it was very successful. Please keep me informed of any other function. I sure do miss those days which were a big part of me growing up.
20) Eric Felt 
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2016-7-13 22:03 Host: Write a comment

no response form my emails

Spencer Glass 2016-7-17 01:22
Sorry Eric! Well...your donation certainly helps. Thank you so much. Come on over anytime during the weekend, and see what's going on. Our Indian Ceremonial is Saturday night at about 8:00 PM. That's cool to see. Our SGF counselors do a great job! Spencer
19) Eric Felt 
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2016-7-8 10:45 Host: Write a comment

How can I help the weekend of the 22nd?
18) Robert Miller 
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2016-6-21 11:56 Host: Write a comment

When is the Overnight er this year?

Spencer 2016-6-25 11:13
July 22
17) Ed Rosen 
Seminole, FL Location
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2016-5-20 00:37 Host: Write a comment

Haven't been here in a while, and I see all old posts are gone. I'm on the Gulf Coast of Florida now, so any get-togethers will be difficult. But if you find yourself down here, give a holler!
16) scott kleiman 
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2016-5-15 16:35 Host: Write a comment

Hi All SGF'ers


We are in the midst of fundraising again for the 2016 encampment. Every dollar matters as we expecting a full house again this year. You remember your summers at camp - what an experience that has lasted, well - a lifetime.

Can you take minute and write a check for $25, $100 or any amount - hey, sponsor candy drop or pizza night.

Send donations to:
311 Parkview Way
Newtown, PA 18940

Thank you so much - come visit this summer.

Cheer for camp boys!
15) Victor Kurtz 
HLLLAND,PA. Location
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2016-4-29 00:59 Host: Write a comment

One of my fondest memories -is missing home on the Ridge and loving it on the Hill. Also winning "best Bunkie" White Glove contest, wake win at 2 am with Pizza Delivery and then winning the Color war and going up on Shoulders for the Falsbury Flop and learning to swim and winning the Marathon and building a bridge over the creek and an overnighter thinking i was going to die in a tent from an Ax murderer and going to the Mess Hall for food and the friends that were exceptional people- it was all about hearing the laughter!

Scott 2016-8-5 21:47
Hi Victor - Hope all is well!
14) Uncle Barry Brait 
Philadelphia Location
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2016-3-14 04:45 Host: Write a comment

To all SGFers,

I have the sad duty to inform you that my long time friend and SGFer, Dave Charles passed away last night in Fort Lauderdale. Florida from long standing multiple medical issues.

His son, Dan, and daughter, Meredith, asked me to let you know. Some of you may already have heard from Dave’s family.

A memorial service will be held sometime in April, presumably in Fort Lauderdale.

You can reach Dave’s son at

Contributions can be made to the American Cancer Society.

13) Art Scherr 
Pompano Beach, FL / Newtown Sq Location
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2016-2-28 01:58 Host: Write a comment

I'm signing into the guestbook just to get my name back in there. Sorry to see that the hundreds of previous posts are all gone. I really enjoy reading them all every once in a while. I'm wondering if there's a way to let everyone know that they need to get back into the guestbook.

I was a camper through most of the 1960's. It was absolutely the best of times for me when I spent my two or three weeks at SGF. One year I was lucky enough to go to two encampments. There will never be anything like it again.

Regards to Marc and many thanks for keeping the site up and running.
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