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53) Herman Tannenbaum 
Langhorne, Pa Location
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I too am sad about hearing of the passing of Murray Kramer. I was on staff with Murray for several summers in the early 70’s. We was a wonderful spirit and the funniest counselor I’ve ever worked with. He made hundreds of kids and counselors alike laugh and smile le every summer.
Murray, you will be missed.
Cheer for our Staffmen, boys!!

Uncle Herm
52) Joel Leson 
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Attended SGF from 1949 to 1954. Uncles Bones, Saul Jeck, the Blender Brothers and so many others showed us a great time. Uncle Marty and Aunt Elaine"Lanie" Forman directed the camp and did a brilliant job. The food was always good! SGF set the tone for my 75 years of enjoying life, so far.
51) Spencer Glass 
Newtown PA Location
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Sorry to hear about Murray. I remember him vividly as a very charismatic counselor. His skits with Marshall Davis made me laugh my ass off.
50) Louis Wesler 
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For those who knew Murray Kramer, I sadly report that he passed away some time in November. I don't know any details.
49) Cliff Love 
Ein Hod, Israel Location
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When the sirens go off at night now Bill is roaming the countryside with Lenny! They share quarters in Collegeville prison..... whooooooo
48) Spencer Glass 
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After 10 great Overnighters, it rained at SGF. But that did not inhibit our enthusiasm one iota. Thanks to great "on their feet" planning our new generation, including Dylan Weisman and Ian Davis and Chris Tuck kept almost 50 boys active and engaged indoors.

Only a few hours were hampered but we got EVERYTHING scheduled in!

Our counselors were worth a million bucks. They made sure our boys had the most fantastic weekend ever, as stated by many.

As I said in my Firefly Ceremony speech, I hope each and every kid found their very own "Perry" that weekend like I did so many years ago.
47) Uncle Scott K 
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2018-7-28 16:04 Host: Write a comment

Great 2018 Encampment at SGF! Kids an amazing time and the staff was top notch.
Let’s always make it better.
46) Herbert Frank 
Delaware Location
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I attended SGF in the early fifties. Unfortunately I have no recollection of when or what bunk. I do remember the candy drop
45) Herman Tannenbaum 
Langhorne, PA Location
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2018-4-30 18:19 Host: Write a comment

I am proud and excited to announce that The Troop 95/SGF Alumni Group is almost complete with the refurbishment of Cabins C&D on Indian Ridge. We have begun the same process on Cabins A&B. The intention is to add additional bunkhouse space as well as establishing an SGF & Troop 95 exhibition and museum. In that persuit, I am asking that if you have any memorabilia to contribute, please contact me directly at :
“Making it Better”
Uncle Herman Tannenbaum

Spencer Glass 2018-5-4 23:49
As President of the SGFVC Foundation I am in possession of an SGF "encyclopedia of pics and memorabilia. I was given them years ago By Dr. "forgetting his name". I think my group of guys would agree that putting them in your museum to be would be better then my basement!
44) Uncle Barry Brait 
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2018-4-11 06:25 Host: Write a comment

Just stopped by to see who else stopped by. Still the memories linger eversharp in my mind...
43) Spencer 
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2017-7-26 23:51 Host: Write a comment

Here's another parent response from Toast's mom:

Hi Spencer, my son Matthew was at the overnighter this weekend for the first time. He absolutely loved it! I asked him what the best part was and he said there was no best part, it was all great. On a scale of 1 to 10, he gave the weekend a 12!

We asked how many thumbs up, he said he couldn't count that high.

This was his first weekend away from us and I'm thrilled it went so well for him. Thank you for giving him this awesome experience! He plans to be there next year again.

Ellen Rawicz
42) Spencer 
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2017-7-25 10:56 Host: Write a comment

continuation of previous post.

I know it takes a lot of time and preparation to plan the weekend. Between making making up events, food, bunk lists and staff, you see that all of your hard work pays off because every boy will remember something that was special that weekend. Whether it's meeting new friends or doing something they've never done before, it's all about the experience and bonding. My son, Hunter always comes home with a smile and wanting to go back next year.

So, with that being said, whatever you are doing, you are doing it right. All of your staff is amazing. They are kind, caring nurturing, fun, and the kids enjoy being with them. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to many years of SGF.

Alyssa Adelman
41) Spencer Glass 
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2017-7-25 10:54 Host: Write a comment

So, our 10th year SGF Overnighter is in the history books. Here is one parent's reaction.

Dear Spencer and the SGF Staff,

I want to give everyone a round of applause for another amazing SGF weekend. This was my son's 3rd year of participation in this event. Every year when he goes to camp he can't wait to get the information for the SGF Weekend. As soon as he gets it he asks can he please go. Without a doubt in my mind I say "YES".

Once he turns in the papers, then the countdown begins. Once the SGF weekend is here he can hardly hold back his excitement. I always ask him, "Well, what makes it so much fun?" He says, "Everything!", but mentions things like bon fires, carnival, midnight ice cream, swimming and lots of other things. It sounds like a fun weekend..always things to do, always on the run.

End of Part 1
40) Bob Cohen 
Fairfax Va Location
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2017-6-27 03:22 Host: Write a comment

Hello alll. Can't believe many of you are still active here ...that's great. I was a camper 1962-1970, and a counselor from 1971-1974. I'm 62 yrs old, and still have black and blue marks from our Shoefight orchestrated by Uncle Soz in Blackfoot 50+ yrs ago. Hope Steve Funt and Marshall Davis are well. Marshall....I caught a fish.....THIS big!
Anyway, take care all.
39) Marshall Davis 
Medford NJ Location
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2017-6-21 11:21 Host: Write a comment

Our tenth Briarwood Camp weekend is coming up in a few weeks. I can't believe how time has passed by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that we had the reunion and I met up with faces from our days at SGF some 30 years earlier.

The camp weekend is a lot of work, but it is by far the best part of my year. Think about it, my best times in life were at SGF, and now, some of my friends and I are creating those same memories for new kids. Be sure to come up and vist and relive your past.
38) Spencer 
Newtown, PA Location
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2017-6-18 19:03 Host: Write a comment

I'll never forget my summers at SGF. It seeme to take forever to get from our home in Morrell Park to Gimbels Cheltenham.

I couldn't wait to get on the bus. No homesickness for me. I remember my second year vividly. I was thrilled to find out at the flagpole that I was in Bunk Kickapoo with Steve Funt as my counselor.

Now one of my thrills is to give out invitations to the boys where I teach in Mayfair, at the Forrest School. Some will be on their 3rd trip this summer.

I cherish the phone calls I get from parents whose children are no longer in my school, but don't want to miss another SGF summer event.

We invite you, our SGF alumni who have the same feelings to come take a pek at what we have done for SGF in the past 10 years. We gather at Briarwood Day Camp in Furlong, PA. (in between New Hope and Newtown). Saturday the 22nd of July would be a great day to stop by, say hello, watch the kids have a blast...and if you choose to, help keep it going. Indian Ceremonial is at 8:30!

Spencer Glass
37) Herman Tannenbaum 
Langhorne, PA Location
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2017-6-17 18:23 Host: Write a comment

Hey Campers,
School is almost out , and all I can think about is going away to my favorite camp in the world, SGF!!!! The anticipation is too exciting to contain. I've been dreaming about this all of the school year , and daydreaming thought algebra class. This year will be the TENTH encampment since SGF reincarnated. This years dates are JULY 21-23 at Briarwood Day Camp in Buckingham, PA. Camp is about five weeks away and I'm sitting here sewing my name tags into my socks and underwear . I've got my flashlight, longs and longs, , bathing suit, and most importantly, my baseball glove and cap!I simply can't wait. Oh, the memories of it all. From getting on the train at Old Reading Terminal, transferring onto the camp bus in Norristown, or Giimbels Cheltenham, only to be whiisked away to a magical place and time.Thats SGF..........
Lets all show up at this years encampment to cheer the boys on during color war, or watch the firefight at Indian Ceremonial. Then go over to the lake for the Firefly Ceremony beconing us all back next year to another "Trip" at SGF. If you can't make it, perhaps you can support a boy by making a donation to the cause. Feel free to sponsor a boy($100.00) and mail a check to:
Spencer Glass
311 Parkview Way
Newtown, PA, 18940
See you under The Knothole in The Mess Hall.
Making it Better, Cheering for our camp ,
Uncle Herman
36) Nancy Snyder Aleshire 
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2017-5-29 02:12 Host: Write a comment

Jon, I remember your mom and dad and the rest of your family. I am Bob Snyder's daughter, also known as Schnitz. I have been living in Minnesota and have a 33 year old son. My best memories evolved around the pool. I have inherited my father's love of swimming, but not nearly so good. I have a love of the outdoors, gardening and animals. I feed stray cats. Growing up I had a schnauzer I named Schnitzel, that we brought on at least one picnic.
1901 JFK BLVD, 2707 Location
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2017-5-20 22:39 Host: Write a comment

oLD fRIENDS CONTINUE..Uncle Mike Epstein, Uncle Rocky Rubin, myself, went to visit Uncle Wally Loeb for lunch. Wonderful afternoon of memories about whos and whats and wonder what happened tos...
34) Dr Jon Dubin 
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2017-4-9 04:09 Host: Write a comment

My father, dr Louis Dubin, was an original Troop 95 member, SGF camp counselor and then member of the board. As a child growing up in Philly than the suburbs of Philly I spent countless hours at the camp in Collegeville, both off season and when in session at Board functions, social get together and the annual turkey dinner. Members of the board were household names and I have many wonderful memories of these men. So many with colorful, impressive personalities. I've often wondered what became of the original camp do imprinted in my memory and a sister camp (?) owned and fun by Val Udell, camp Maribel. I came across this site and wanted to see who still shares these remarkable memories I still hold and what incarnation SGF has become.

Jon Dubin
Camp Hill, Pa

Spencer Glass 2017-4-12 19:56
Dear Jon...glad you found us. The SGF camp in Collegeville, in part due to our group, Troop 95 and other Montgomery County residents has been designated as Open Space and can not be developed. The Ridge part, that is. The Hill area is not developed, but the old cabins there are all but dilapidated.

Many of the Ridge cabins are still there in body. Troop 95 led by Herman Tannenbaum and many others have rescued and rebuilt one of the cabins and use it for their own campouts. Lake Lou is dried up, but the troop 95 guys resotred the old pool which looks very nice.

There are still a lot of memorable remnants on the land, and we go up there once a year to walk the grounds and reminisce.

The SGFVC is currently planning our 10th overnighter. It is a 3 weeks in 3 days event that incorporates so much of the SGF spirit into the activities. We do this at another camp in Bucks County, Briarwood Day Camp. It has all the looks and feels of SGF, We treat city boys to a weekend of great fun and great memories.

Thanks for checking in.


Herman Tannenbaum 2017-5-1 18:24
Hi Jon, Great to see you found us! I certainly do remember you, and your entire family. Your dad was my dentist for most of my life. I remember him fondly. Lou Dubin was my father, Marty's patrol leader in Troop 95 and they were great friends throughout their lives. They both loved the Troop, the Camp, and the SGF Club.Its good to see another Doc Dubin in our group.
I lead the Troop 95 Alumni Campgroup and we still camp at SGF every other month from September through May. You are always invited to join us for the weekend, a day or just a cup of coffee.We've refurbished the cabin and we have heat, hot water, an modern camp kitchen, bunks for 12, flush toilets,etc. Feel free to contact me for our calendar.
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